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Check out our new product - Loaded Giant Cookies!

Delicious cookies crammed full of chocolate, topped around the edge with buttercream and covered with more delicious chocolate - a real indulgent treat.

Order for weekend delivery by us via our online store, or collection at other times via our Facebook messenger :)

See what amazing creations we can make for your special event!
We can turn your vision of a dream Wedding Cake into reality.
Find out more!

Cupcakes & 

Sweet Treats

Cupcakes, Brownies, Cookies... we
specialise in them all.
Choosing them is difficult; eating them isn't!

How can we help your business with promotion and sweet treats for events, or for your hard-working staff? Discover what we can do!
We can offer treats which are good for the body as well as the soul... click the delicious almond butter and coconut flour cookies for more info.