The FAQs

- How much cake will I need for my event?

In order to ensure all your guests have a decent piece of cake at your event, we suggest slicing your layer cake into 2x1.5 inch slices. For a wedding, the suggested slice size should be 2x1 inch. Please see the below guide as a loose reference for how many slices you will get from differing sized cakes.

- Do you offer cakes for specific dietary requirements?
We welcome orders for Free From Gluten/wheat cakes and bakes. However, please note that as we are a home bakery, our kitchen uses wheat products frequently, so we cannot guarantee a totally free-from environment, despite our best efforts with extra clean downs, separate baking sessions and separate equipment.

- How can I place an order?
Feel free to complete the contact form on our web page, send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages or telephone 07624 226600. We will discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote, and once your deposit is paid, your booking will be confirmed. Please try to contact us at least 3 weeks in advance of your event to ensure we can accommodate your requests.

- How do I transport my cake?
Please arrive to collect your cake with space in either a footwell (if collecting a smallish sized cake) or space in the boot (if your cake is larger or custom shaped). Your cake should be placed in the footwell without any other items, or against the back seats in one corner of the boot. If you have access to non-slip matting for underneath your cake, this is a bonus! It is imperative that you allow time to travel slowly - despite any structures we add to cakes to ensure they are stable, we cannot guarantee that they will hold with our well-known (pot-holey) Manx roads! Once the cake has left the bakery, the responsibility for safe transport passes to the customer.

- Do you deliver?
Delivery is available for a fee, depending on which part of the island your goods are being delivered to - please contact us to discuss. Wedding cakes will be delivered by Sugar & Spice Bakery, except in exceptional circumstances.

- How should I store my baked goods?
As a rule of thumb, cakes have a shelf life of around 3 days. Cakes with buttercream can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Sugar-pasted cakes should have any exposed sponge covered with cling film or similar - storing in an airtight container is possible, but it will make the sugar-paste 'sweat' and is therefore not recommended. Cookies will be good for at least 3 days, and brownies will keep for a week, both in airtight containers.

- Where are you based?
Our home bakery is in the beautiful town of Peel in the west of the Isle of Man, but please don't turn up expecting a shop set up - you will not find a counter to choose items from! You can find us at:

10 Close Quane,
Isle of Man

The close is just off Ballaquane Road. You can find us in the bottom right hand corner of the close, with a lovely palm tree in our garden!