Green Credentials

We pride ourselves in doing our bit to help the environment and wider world. Look at some of the things we do to help within our business setting:
  • Our green miles are kept low by buying our main produce from island suppliers (namely Laxey Flour; Gellings Eggs; Isle of Man Creamery Butter and Cream)
  • Anything which is suitable for composting is added to our compost bins on site (think of all those egg shells!!)
  • We recycle anything that can be from our baking days: cardboard from packaging; plastic wrapping; cans and glass jars
  • Where possible, products are stored in reusable boxes
  • The overwhelming majority of our cake boxes are made from cardboard which is recyclable
  • Cake scraps are often turned into cake pops or cake-away trays which are gifted to charities and friends of the Bakery, to prevent food waste
  • All of our appliances are at least 'A' rated for electricity use